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Learning Taekwon-Do should be an enjoyable experience. It should be challenging, rewarding and lifelong.
  • Where?  We are based within Shaftesbury Youth Centre 60 Mendip Rd, Birkenhead, Merseyside CH42 8NU.
  • What do we do? we welcome people from all walks of life looking to better themselves through Taekwon-Do
  • Why Taekwon-Do? The disciplined nature of learning Taekwon-Do, intense training both physically and mentally, and a sense of achievement and pride means the art cultivates the mind whilst instilling confidence in the student. Success in Taekwon-Do requires commitment, perseverance, indomitable spirit and self belief.




  Mr S Booth 3rd degree black belt instructor


Mr Booth joined Shaftesbury TKD in 2008 as a 2nd Dan. In 2019 he promoted to 3rd degree.
 Mr J Kelly - Club patron 
Mr Kelly has been at the club since 1982 and is probably the longest serving instructor on the Wirral


Training hall


We teach at the shaftesbury youth club in Tranmere. 


Shaftesbury Youth Club

60 Mendip Road, 




CH42 8NU


The large hall we train in can be fully heated, the floor is coated with a medium friction plastic which is absolutely ideal for Taekwon Do as it enables your feet to stick when you need them to, and slide when you want them to.






There is an extensive amount of equipment used during training, this includes:

2 x Multi kick & punch stations    Golds speedball and punchbag station

Body Armour target pads     Kickbag station      Agility Hoops   2 x Stretching machines.

Large Kick pads for practising powerful techniques

Small focus pads for accurate punches and kicks 

Foam batons to practise blocking

Board holder/flip board combo constructed from steel: for breaking boards and practising jumping kicks up to ~10 foot off the floor.

Jigsaw style interlocking mats, the same used by the World Taekwondo Federation in the olympics.


To earn your next belt in TKD, you must be examined in a grading.

Gradings test your knowledge practical ability in TKD.

The highest possible title in Taekwon Do is grand master, to gain this honourable title you must pass many gradings and become a 9th degree black belt!

Gradings are held approximately once every 3 months.


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