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All instructors contribute their time voluntarily, any lesson fee's are used to cover hall costs, buy new equipment for the club and to fund/subsidise events.
Classes take place twice a week:
6:30-7:30 These are mixed classes suitable for all levels and ages 5+

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If you would like to see what happens in a lesson, spectators and new students are very welcome.
We train at:
Shaftesbury Youth Club
Mendip road
CH42 8NU

What will happen on my first lesson?
Each lesson starts with a warm up and a stretch, this could be running, jumping, press ups, a ball game, team activities etc. 
When the instructor is happy everyone has warmed up properly, you will be introduced to some basic Taekwon Do techniques.
Every lesson is different and every aspect of Taekwon-Do is covered.
What should I bring?
You might be doing lots of moving around so a tracksuit would be ideal.
You will be barefoot during the class.
 Always ask the intsructor if you may leave the floor for any reason. This is out of respect.
What should I NOT bring? 
Any kind of jewellery could cause injury to yourself or others around you, leave it at home so you don't lose it!
Food and drink must not be consumed in the training hall. However, bring a sealed drink with you for refreshment when the instructor gives permission mid lesson to get a drink.
Watches must be taken off before the class begins, as should glasses and your footwear.
Taekwon-Do is an ideal way enhance yourself physically and mentally.
Physically- Practically every muscle is used when practising TKD, aerobic fitness and flexibility can be greatly increased. 
Mentally- All students must follow the tenets of Taekwon Do:
Courtesy (Ye Ui) - Showing respect to EVERYONE.
Integrity (Yom Chi) - Being honest and moral, doing what is right.
Perseverance(In Nae) - If at first you don't succeed, try and try again nomatter what the difficulties might be.
Self Control (Guk Gi) - Remaining calm and controlled in all aspects of life.
Indomitable Spirit (Baekjul Boolgool) - Being courageous  (your spirit cannot be dominated)
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