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19 students took part in a grading on Sunday 22nd Feb and all passed, 3 outstanding students gained an 'A' grade pass. Well done to all, everybody deserved the promotions they received
Joshua Jones - Yellow tag
Thomas Keith - Yellow tag
Anna Kirke - Yellow belt
Sian Rossley - Yellow belt
Amy Kelly - Green tag 'A' pass
Kelly McNee - Green tag 'A' pass
Alisha Dryhurt - Green tag
Rachael Jack - Green belt 'A' pass
Shannen Booth - Green belt
Ryan Jones - Green belt
Elisha Jones - Green belt
Chloe Pierce - Green belt
Michael Prins - Green belt
Adrian Prins - Green belt
Tom Spence - Green belt
James Keith - Blue tag
Luke Almond - Blue belt
Luke Buckley - Blue belt
Megan Clay - Blue belt

Congratulations to Louis Streets on gaining his 1st degree black belt. Louis performed extremely well and exelled in patterns, sparring, technical sparring, theory and breaking.
Thank you to Adrian Prins for putting together a detailed information booklet about TaeKwon-Do for the club.

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