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TaeKwon-Do was first introduced to the UK in 1967 by Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha (5th Dan at the time) and he is listed as 'the Father of TaeKwon-Do in Great Britain and Ireland'. He is also known as the first person to be promoted to 9th Degree by General Choi. 


Mr Carr getting his Encyclopedia signed by GMR
The 2 day black belt seminar with Grandmaster Rhee attracted well over 100 attendees from 1st Kup to 6th Dan, and he began by making us ask ourselves the question "why am I here?" then moved on to the importance of selecting the correct target and correct attacking/blocking tool, we paired up and tested which methods of blocking worked best, and which were impractical. The 3 hour session ended with the colour belt patterns up to Hwa-Rang.
Day 2 began at 10am with a quick warm up we recapped pattern movements - we paired up again and tested some of the movements to refine our understanding of how they work. GMR spoke about how it is important to develop our sparring methods, and we were banned from using '1 point' attacks/counters, forcing us to display a more exciting and challenging method of sparring. The afternoon session began after lunch and the other Masters in attendance split us into groups according to grade, in order to cover our specific patterns, breaking techniques and special techniques.

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