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A ray of hope flickers in the sky, a tiny star lights up way up high, all accross the lands dawns a brand new morn. This comes to pass when a child is born




Shaftesbury Taekwon-Do 2011

Students, parents, friends.. Another year has gone by and what an amazing year Shaftes TKD has given us! Happiness, sadness, jor and laughter, haha! Sounds like Christmas, or is that just me? Mr Carr and I have so enjoyed all those little problems that we have enjoyed: "I don't feel well Mr Kelly.." ""MEDIC, MEDIC!" <-- that would be Mr Kelly shouting for Mr Prins to solve the problems of the injured students. What an amazing person Mr Prins is! He has the strength of a bull, but the nautre of a kind-hearted, helpful gentleman. All of TKD thanks you Mr Prins, for what you do. Mr Booth, heard you just received your buspass! Hahaha! You give so much to our TKD and we respect you fully. You are very strong, a powerful man. We are very happy to have you with us. Mr Carr and myself so respect your gentle nature and the power that your massive body shows. Stay with us, and we will guide you to a better TKD life. Mr Morris, you are an outstanding pupil. You give more than 100% every lesson, your demeanour is without exception. The strength of your TKD makes your body strong - Make your TKD stronger.


Violin concerto


To our red belts: Almond -an amazing, naturally gifted young man, Prins - strong in body, a gent, Buckley - You've grown 10 foot in the last year. When you learn to use the body you've got, watch out world!! Megan Clay, megan blay, megan - You are so lazy! You just do enough to make it ok! Haha! But you don't understand that I and Mr Carr believe in you so much, that you can do so much more and give so much more if you believe in what you can do. Kelly - You give so much when you at TKD, you have inside you all the tenets of TKD. We love have you here but we would like to see you more! 

Well that deals with the blacks and reds, now its just down to you lot! You lot, I mean, all the colour belts down to beginner. What do you think so far? Haha! The Shaftes TKD club is the best club that you lot can attend and Mr Carr and I think that you are amazing students. Thank you for training at our Dojang.


Human totem pole


PARENTS! PARENTS! PARENTS! Obviously, its very nice of Mr Carr and myself let you watch your children training which talking and playing on your phones. Talking loudly in class to each other. Going in and out of doors all throughout the lesson and obviously acting like bloody children! It would be nice if some of you parents would join in more often. Mrs Morris - Fine looking woman! Looking good in jeans, thank you for being here. Mrs Clay - For a woman of 40, you look like you should be in VOGUE! Mr Almond - The tallest person ever in TKD, and fit as a brick, heard he looked nice in a blue santa suit, his wife is lovely too. Mr Birkett - Boss person, Just an absolute gent, he gives so much at TKD and we all love him! To all the Shaftes staff, we respect and admire you for what you have done for our TKD club, for the help you have given us and a big thank you to Mr Nugent and the shaftes chairman for all the equipment. We are very grateful! To that lovely who did the mural - AMAZING! To Debbie - who has the face and body of a fine woman that should adorn to the centre pages of COSMOPOLITAN! To Daz - A giant of a man, we love him so much! Jonno - Larger than life. Those amazing ladies who work in the canteen at night, we love them loads, they are so lovely!


Black belts with Santa

To all the staff at Shaftes youth club, if we didn't mention your name, its okay because we love you loads too! I would like to take this opportunity to say, I have the deepest respect and admiration for my friend and colleague, Mr Carr, for what he has given to TKD, to his students and to this club. I absolutely love and respect him and think the future of TKD is better with him. He will become leader above leaders, master above all masters, but foremost he will be a friend. THANK YOU MICHAEL, LOVE MR. K. XX

Throughout my life at the Shaftes, I've seen so much, learnt so much, but the most aamzing thing I have leared is that someone I seldom see, but who is always there.. Barry, you have given so much to me and my club over the years we've been together. The way you smile, your laugh, your happy nautre - Sorry , was having a laugh myself!! Ha ha! But truthfully mate, you are in my heart and soul.. Thank you mate! What you have done for me and TKD is something I can never thank you enough for. Thank you for being you, love you loads mate. Xxx



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