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Master Sean Cattanach Seminar Grading

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Mr Booth Michael Prins and Prins Sr made our way to Wirral UKTA Saturday 20th June for a seminar with Master Sean Cattanach. I must say some seminars you go to can be a bit same old same old, however , this was not the case today. After a good warm up all the Black Belts and 1st Kup were I think "warm" I learnt a few new stretches and realised Sunday that I would be doing my patented walking likea crab walk. As the BB seminar progressed we explored patterns and were encouraged to challenge why we have walking stance in a pattern and the applications of techniques,  I found this review helpful. 

After a really informative and fun lesson on conditioning or forging as Master Cattenach called it, we progressed onto 1 step again the information cascading to us was quality.

After a quick lunch the coloured belts had their turn and you could see them enjoying a tutor who really enjoys their role.

Then came the grading and the coloured belts prepared for their grading complete with butterflies and Shaftesbury TKD had Tia Read, Steven Gabe and Kai Morris going for their yellow belts and Kai his Blue belt, if the students were anxious the parents were more so.

As theday progressed both Tia and Steven had been in front of the Master and had been dismissed and later on so had Kai. When the grading had finished and the Black Belts approached Master Cattanach to see how the ShaftesburyTKD students had done. We were very pleased for them when we learnt that not only had they passed but Master Cattanach said they were a credit to the club. As instructors you give your time freely and when your students pass that is the best feeling. 

So well done Tia, Steven and Kai, sorry about winding your parents up...not!  Regards Mr Booth,

Mr M Prins and Mr Prins.

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