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    Approximately 75 competitors and 100+ spectators gathered in Pensby Sports Complex for a friendly interclub competition. The competitors travelled from Wirral, Formby, Manchester and Huddersfield to take part in Patterns, Sparring, special techniques and destruction. 
    The officials worked hard to maintain a professional and enjoyable competition layout.
    Thanks to Helen Bennett of Wirral UKTA for organising and hosting the competition.
    Members of Shaftesbury TKD displayed excellent tenets and competition spirit.
    Mr Winston Rose VI Dan and Matt Walls with 3 Gold medals
     Adam French Silver Bronze 
      Elisha Jones Silver Bronze
    Ryan Jones Silver 
      Josh Jones Bronze 
      William Burkhill Gold Bronze 
      Phillip Birkett Bronze 
      Matthew Barker Runner Up
    Matthew Millington Gold Gold 
      Matthew Walls Gold Gold Gold
    Luke Buckley Silver 
      Katie Reay Bronze 
      Jessica Saville Bronze 
      Kelly McNee Runner Up
    Adrian Prins Silver Silver 
      Michael Prins Bronze Bronze
    Sam McNee Gold Silver Silver 
      Megan Clay Silver
    James Morris Silver Silver Gold
     Tom Spence Gold Gold 
     Joe Spence Silver 
     Louis Streets Gold
    Results: 21 Competitors, 9 Bronze, 12 Silver, 11 Gold

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    The competitors: P Birkett, M Clay, M Walls, M Carr, A French-Wollen, K McNee, A Prins, L Almond, M Prins
    At 4am 15 competitors and spectators set off from the Shaftes with Mr French-Wollen at the helm who drove us through the snowy conditions safely.. 4.5 hours later we arrived at Penarth Leisure centre, Cardiff - the venue for the championships. We set about finding some good seats and got comfy - ready for the 9:30am start.
    When the clock struck 9 the venue was packed with competitors, officials and spectators - the 6 competition areas had been marked out and everyone was either warming up or looking nervous! The event organiser, Master Ian Lawes VII, called the first categories and the competition was well underway by 10am. There were plenty of familiar faces, including Master Nicholls, Mr Skyrme, the Imperial directors/executives, Mr Walkinshaw Tommy Hayes and Alex Heslop.
    One by one competitors were called up, some got golds, silvers, bronzes - but everybody took away the experience and a new set of goals to achieve. Your instructors are very proud of you!!
    Congratulations to all of you:
    Luke Almond - Runner up
    Phil Birkett - 1st Dan junior hyperweight sparring SILVER, power breaking GOLD.
    Michael Carr - 2nd Dan patterns SILVER
    Megan Clay - Blue/Red belt junior sparring SILVER
    Adam French-Wollen - Yellow-Red belt adult sparring BRONZE
    Kelly McNee - Runner up
    James Morris - 1st Dan middleweight sparring BRONZE
    Adrian Prins - Adult sparring BRONZE, veteran sparring BRONZE, power breaking GOLD
    Michael Prins - Cadet sparring BRONZE
    Louis Streets - 1st Dan Cadet sparring SILVER
    Matthew Walls -Yellow/Green belt patterns BRONZE,Green-red belt junior hyperweight sparring GOLD
    Mr Walkinshaw ofBDTKD- 2nd Dan veteran patterns GOLD
    Emily Oakes of BDTKD- Sparring SILVER
    Mrs Clay, Mrs McNee, Kerry - thanks for coming to watch! your support went a long way!
    Mr Kelly - Thanks for the banter, support and guidance.