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    Master Harry of the ITUK hosted the 7th ITF Midland open in Derby - 9 members of Shaftesbury TKD were joined by 2 members of Wirral UKTA for an eventful day. Thanks to the Irish travellers who put us in the competition mood at the motorway services, we arrived at the Moorways leisure centre at 10am feeling energetic and ready to show off our skills!


    Master Harry welcomed everybody and introduced his team of officials, including Master Augustus Mitchell from Barbados.. The ball started rolling with black belts taking to the floor first, which is always good as it puts the lower grades at ease, showing them what to expect. There were some sharp pattern performances, and very clean sparring matches - with several international level competitors taking part, the standard was fairly high!


    The atmosphere was very friendly, all refereeing was fair, no behaviour unbecoming of a competitor was displayed, and as the black belts finished breaking boards the day drew to a close, and we hit the road back home!


    Mr Carr - Gold patterns, first ever gold!!
    Mr Morris - Gold sparring, last time sparring as a junior, bowing out as a champion!
    Mr Kelly - First competition for many years, won a fight, lost a fight, thanks for being a driver!
    Mr Prins - Silver patterns, great performances, thanks for being a driver!
    Luke Almond - Bronze sparring, technically brilliant sparring, impressive!
    Michael Prins - GOLD sparring, first ever gold, training paid off!
    Laurajane Redfern (Wirral UKTA) - GOLD patterns, thanks for coming along and well done!
    Michael Smith - Bronze patterns, first competition, you earned it!
    Ben Ross (Wirral UKTA) - Runner up sparring, thanks for joining us, we enjoyed your company!
    Joseph Williams - Bronze patterns, first competition, made the other yellow tags shake with fear!!


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    Members of Shaftesbury TKD, Wirral UKTA, Blue Dragon Northwich and Formby TKD gathered for an interclub friendly competition involving patterns and power, the day was a great success! There were over 50 competitors from the four schools, and some great performances were shown on the day. Wirral UKTA Dominated in the patterns, and Shaftesbury went on to be the power champions.. An impressive selection of breaking techiques were performed by the blackbelts, and an Imptec power bag was used for the other power categories! The highest score of 117 was achieved in the power category by Sam McNee closely followed by Cy Cooper with 105. 

    All participants received a medal and the day was a great success - Thanks to all who took part!

    This was the first time that Mr Kelly, Mr Crawley and Mrs Bennett had all been in the Shaftesbury Youth club at the same time since the 1980's when they used to train together.