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    Some pictures from the competition

    ShaftesburyTKD hosted a friendly competition, with visitors from Manchester and Pensby almost 50 competitors attended. The competition included patterns, special technique and sparring. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this a successful event:

    Lauren Upton - Behind the scenes
    Mrs Kelly - Behind the scenes
    Mr Kelly II - Judging
    Ady Prins - First aid
    Ian Carr - Photography
    Phil Birkett I - Judging
    Helen Bennett IV - Judging
    Felix Lopez IV - Judging
    Tony Harris II - Judging
    Daniel Caine I - Judging
    Many thanks to Elisha Jones for the following report:
    "Sunday was a great day for all of us. I got a lot of experience on the day and could not believe that I got man of the match. It was amazing! At first I did'nt think I would do it. It was so scary getting up there in front of all of the judges my stomach turned when my name was called. I thought I might freeze like I had In my pattern but I just kept walking to the centre judge who was doing the sparring and when he said sijak I just went for it and gave it all I had. As the sparring went on I gained confidence with my punches and kick’s. My friends did very well in the competition, and my little brother Joshua WOW he was amazing.  I didn’t know what to say and my other brother Ryan did very well too. I was really impressed with them both as well as all the club members .All the junior grades were very nervous as this was our first competition but once we got going it was great.A big thank you to all the senior grades who helped us and all the people who helped set up that fantastic day for us. So many thanks" - Elisha Jones, age 9, green belt
    Students of ShaftesburyTKD were awarded the following:

    Phil Birkett - Gold sparring, bronze patterns
    Shannen Booth - Silver special technique, bronze patterns
    Megan Clay - Gold special techniques, Silver patterns
    Alisha Dryhurst - Silver patterns, Silver sparring
    Raemar Gaskell - Silver special techniques, Gold patterns
    Elisha Jones - Silver sparring
    Joshua Jones - Silver special techniques
    Ryan Jones - Bronze special technique
    Rachel Jack - Bronze special technique
    James Morris - Gold patterns, gold special technique, Silver sparring
    Ady Prins - Gold sparring, Silver patterns, Bronze special technique
    Michael Prins - Bronze special technique
    Chloe Pierce - Gold sparring, Silver patterns
    Jo Spence - Bronze sparring
    Tom Spence - Gold sparring, Bronze patterns
    Matthew Walls - Gold Patterns, Gold special technique, Silver sparring